Project Description

Name315/433Mhz Toucpad  LCD Menu Guiding GSM Alarm System
The product is a powerful, DIY install and easy to use touch screenanti theft alarm system. Which produced by industrial grade GSM module, signal stability, security doubled. It supports operating viacontrol panel, telephone,SMS text ,mobile APP ,remote control etc.
When it detects intruders, the control panel will alarm, and dialstored phone numbers to inform the user. You can do arm/home arm/disarm/monitor/switch control home appliancesvia your mobile APP clients in anywhere at anytime. The product supports multiple APPs control one alarm system, also
supports one APP control multiple alarm systems.

Main Features:
1. Smart touch key operation, dot matrix LCD displaysystem;
2. Quad_band GSM module industrial grade, stable performance, universal to work;
3. One group of alarm center number (support ADEMCO Contact ID), 8groups personal alarm number (SMS / phone optional);
4. Built_in microphone, speaker, support remote two_way intercom;
5. 40 wireless zones, 6 wired zones;
6. Large_capacity backup lithium battery, long standby 36 hours;
7. Four groups timing arm / disarm, Monday to Sundayset free, suitable for the regular office workers, companies, shops to use;
8. Supports connecting wireless siren, wireless keypad;
9.Free to set the enter delay alarm time and exit delay arm time; Support two relay outputs (with alarm linkage control electrical switches, driver monitoring equipment, etc., can also be remotely controlled by mobile APP);
10. 99 alarm records, 80 armed/disarmed records (available to inquiry specific operator);
11. Support SMS, telephone, remote control, keypad password, control panel touch keys and APP control arm, disarm;
12. Support 20 seconds recorded message; Remote control support voice prompts;
13. Built_in calendar clock IC, do not need to re_setaftera power outage shut down;
14. Unique anti_embarrassment cipher design, so you can enter the password and generous to his friendsin the “safe house alarm” device control panel.

The Control Unit Parameters:

● Input Voltage: DC12V/1A
● Standby Current:<55mA
● Alarming Current: <450mA
● Wireless Frequency:433.92MHz, 1527/3.3M or 2262/4.7M
● GSM Frequency:GSM 850/900/ 1800/ 1900MHz
● Back-up Battery:NI-HI AAA*6 DC7.4V
● Siren Volume: 110dB