Project Description

Name: Wired Outdoor Anti-Pet Motion Sensor
Model: DG-85
Outdoor PIR detector with Latest technology,
adopted high precision two dual passive infrared sensor, human intelligent digital chipset,
advance “real object motion recognization and pet immune” software technology, so as to estimate the true intruder excluded interference and false object.
It features auto-memory to environmental changes, prevent false alarm from cold or hot air current and working machine. Effectively to prevent interference from pet with 25kg weight  or ten cats, insect, mice and bird. Adopted super filter to avoid many interference that can’t be conquered by cheap PIR motion detector, it truly put an end to false alarm and missing alarm with much higher performance than common PIR motion detectors

Product Specifications:

● Detection distance: 11.6m*11.6m(35ft*35ft)
● Working voltage: adaptor :9-16 V/DC
● Working temperature: -10℃-50℃, self-adaptation
● Infrared Area: (11+11+9)*2=62
● Anti white light: >1000,000LUX
● Pet immunity: 25kg
● Application: Outdoor/indoor
● Working current: 30mA
● Alarm output NC.: >100Ma/28VDC
● Tamper switch NC.: 100Ma/28VDC
● Anti RF/EMI: 10V/M(10MHz-1000MHz)
● Dimension: 175*83*75mm

No Manual