Project Description

Name: Wireless Powerfull Door Contact
Model: LS-901P
Save power design, low power indicated, It is widely used for monitoring and security system, with high reliability, small size, easy installation and operation and strong flexibility.
It is including one transmitter part and one magnetic part, when the door or window is open, it will be triggered and immediately sends out wireless signal to main alarm system to warning.
Installing place: door, window, drawer ,cabinet and so on.

Product Specifications:

● Triggered distance between two parts:<1.5cm
● Working voltage:12V DC, with dry battery model:23A . Low battery voltage about 8V.
● Working current:<10mA Static current:≤5μA
● Power: standby :0.01W, Alarm :0.09W
● Working frequency:433.92 MHZ±2KHZ or 315 MHZ others optional
● Transmitting distance:noninterference 500m ; indoor about 50~80m
● Emitting frequency:>10mw Frequency tolerance:±0.2MHz
● Oscillator resistor can be changed by jumper: 1.5ohm/3.3ohm/4.7ohm selectable.
● Operating temperature: indoor -10 ~ 50°C, related humidity ≤ 95%
● Size: Transmitter part: 90 mm(L)×55 mm(W)×22 mm(H); Magnetic part: 60mm(L)×15 mm(W)×13 mm(H).
● Weight: 130g (with battery)

Product Installation:

● Code preset by factory. If not, please follow the following code diagram to play it by clamp or by hand; Zone Code Jumper: A0-A7 is address code correspond with alarm host.D0-D3 is data code for setting different zone. Note: H=1, L=2, Empty =0
● You should fix the transmitter part on the doorcase, magnetic part on the motion door separately by adhesive, The Led of the transmitter part should near to the magnetic part.
● The distance between the transmitter part and the magnetic part should be no more than 1cm.
● It means OK if the Signal LED flashes for 1 second after installation.
● The signal red LED flash for 1 second to alarm,The low battery green LED lights all along which means batter power is not enough. Please replace the same size new battery
● Antenna is suggested to pull out.

No Manual