Project Description

Name: Wireless Vibration Sensor
Model: LS-903
It adopted the detected theory of vibration, touch and motion mode. Once it detectsany vibration, it will automatically send wireless signal to the control panel for alarm.
It provides 24 hours perimeter protection. It detects the protected thing in 24 hours to prevent violence (drill, strike, saw etc.) from entering the protected door, window and ceiling and so on. Popular used for window, door, safe guard box, cash box, ATM, night safe guard box, wall, ceiling, device, file cabinet, electrical contacted door and so on.
With the high quality sensitive units, it guarantees using life and performance. Long life,high performance rate ratio, Its vibrating sensitivity can be adjusted in three sensitivities:high, meddle, low so effectively to prevent from false alarm.

Product Specifications:

● Power supply: Dry battery: A23. 12V DC
● Maximum triggered operating voltage: 60VDC
● Max current: 20Ma; Mini current:10mA
● Vibration sensor sensitivity: high–middle–low
● Pulse output time: .5mS~50mS
● Low battery alarm: Low battery LED is on when it is lower than 8V DC.
● Sensitivity adjusted: High (H), Middle (M), Low (L)
● Wireless frequency: 433 MHz  OR: 315 MHz.
● Transmitting distance:noninterference ≥200m ; indoor about 30~50 m
● Operating temperature: indoor -10 ~ 50℃, related humidity ≤ 95%
● Size: Transmitter part: 90 mm(L)×55 mm(W)×22 mm(H)
● Weight: 70g