Project Description

Name: Wireless Signal Amplifier
Model: LS-918C
Wireless signal Repeaters (signal transfer) is adopted MCU and auto-code.
It can emit max fifty wireless signals for the same signal from one wireless sensor.
Expend the alarm main unit to detector distance 600m.
It is wireless type, plus power adaptor to supply DC power.
Usually, it can be put at the middle of transmitter and receiver to last/ transfer the wireless signal by double distance.
It can solve the signal receiving problem at some place where signal can not be received well.
Widely used for factory, store, garage and so on far distance transmit

Product Specification:

● Required condition: fixed code: compatible with PT2262IC, same frequency,
same oscillator value
● Power Supply:DC9~12V standby current <10mA
● Transmit distance:noninterference about 600m
● Activated current <200mA Emitting power about 600mW sensitivity -103dBm
● Wireless Frequency: 433 MHZ ; oscillator:(1.5M ~ 4.7M)selectable
● Operating Temperature:-25°C~+55°C
● Outdoor waterproof box selectable

Product Installation:

Connect power,LED turns red that means it is ready to work. When it
activates to receive and transfer wireless signal, its LED turns yellow, it will
continues to send this wireless signal maximum at 50times to panel. Default
oscillator is 4.7ohm, it doesn’t need to switch it.

Be careful while installation, avoid falling off and destroy. If you want
to put outdoor ,please use waterproof box. Two of repeater is not installed

No Manual