Project Description

Name:Touch Keypad LCD GSM Alarm System with Video Camera on APP
Product Feature:

1. Smart touch key operation, dot matrix LCD display system;
2. Quad_band GSM module industrial grade, stable performance, universal to work;
3. Built_in microphone, speaker, support remote two_way intercom;
4. Max. 36 hours backup lithium battery ;
5. Four groups timing arm / disarm, Monday to Sunday set free, suitable for the regular office workers, companies, shops to use;
6. Supports connecting wireless siren, wireless keypad,wireless IP camera;
7. Free to set the enter delay alarm time and exit delay arm time;
8. Support two relay outputs (with alarm linkage control electrical switches, driver monitoring equipment, etc., can also be remotely controlled by mobile APP);
9. 99 alarm records, 80 armed/disarmed records (available to inquiry specific operator);
10. Support SMS, telephone, remote control, keypad password, control panel touch keys and APP control arm, disarm;
11. Support 20 seconds recorded message; Remote control support voice prompts;
12. Built_in calendar clock IC, do not need to re_set after a power outage shut down;

LS-GSM-215C Alarm Control Unit Parameters:

● Input Voltage: DC12V/1A
● Standby Current:<55mA
● Alarming Current: <450mA
● Wireless Frequency:433.92MHz, 1527/3.3M or 2262/4.7M
● GSM Frequency:GSM 850/900/ 1800/ 1900MHz
● Back-up Battery:NI-HI AAA*6 DC7.2V
● Siren Volume: 110dB