Project Description

Name: Wireless Glass Break Sensor
Model: LS-912B
Wireless Glass detector

Wireless type to protect the whole room,sensitivity can be adjusted for fixing
the envirnment so to avoid fauls alarm.

Product Features:

● Mollusk drive, digital signal process 8/12 bit microprocessor (8MHZ).
● High frequency sound pressure detection.
● All sound frequency 7 kinds frequency signal and impact analysis include inferior sound press analysis.
● Digital filtration RFI/EMI rejection.
● Particular mike design.
● Adjust the sensitivity by hand can avoid the false alarm.

Product Specifications:

● Max detecting rang:9m
● Operating temperature: -20 ~50degree
● Power  9~12VDC  0.15a
● Current (static state) 5Ma
● Current (alarm) 80mA
● Detecting output NC
● Anti-tamper NO
● Yellow LED  Indicate voice level
● Red LED Indicate alarm signal
● Operating temperature -10℃~50℃
● Casing  ABS fire resistance plastic
● Weight:100g without transformer
● Size:90x66x25mm