Project Description

Name: Wireless Intelligent PIR Motion Detector
Model: LS-301A

Wireless Intelligent PIR Detector

The product is wireless passive infrared detector with high stability. It has adopted advanced
technology in signal processing and provided superhigh detection ability and anti-error alarm.The detector will detect human movement automatically when intruder pass through the detected area, and it will send out alarm signal to alarm host that there is movement. The product is suitable for the safety of residential house, villas, factories, markets, warehouses, office building etc.

Product Features:

SMT artwork,ASIC Adopted,Auto temperature compensation,Send alarm signal by RF,Adjustable detecting distance,Low battery indication,SMT design adopted

Product Specification:

● Operation voltage: DC 9V (6F22 dry battery)
● Static current: ≤25uA
● Alarm current: ≤55mA
● Detecting distance: max 12m
● Detecting angle: 110° wide  type(2-4° Curtain angle type optional)
● Code form: 2262 or 1527
● Radio frequency: 433MHz (or 315MHz   optional)
● Radio distance: 200m(open area)
● Low battery indicator: yellow LED
● Alarm indicator: red LED
● Range of coverage: 11 distance, 8 middle, 5 vicinities
● Sensor: dual element infrared sensor
● Operating temperature: -10℃~55℃
● Environment humidity: ≤95%RH(no congelation)
● Anti RF interference: 10MHz-1GHz 20V/m
● Installation mode: wall mounted or hanged in corner
● Installation height: 1.7 to 2.5m(2.2m is proposed)
● Outline Size: 59L*39.5W*107H mm